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I'm in New Zealand and I see on the Apple. com/nz site that it says about Apple TV: "You can even rent or buy from thousands of movies and buy from thousands of TV episodes in top-quality 1080p from the iTunes store."
Is that correct?
I have a suspcion that most content is rights resyricted to North America - if so then if as a consumer I buy Apple TV and then find that this statement is not true is that a breech of my consumer rights? Is it false/misleading advertising?

Can anyone advise on this?

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    Hi Richard
    I can give you a partial answer. I live in Canada but frequently travel to the USA. When I use Netfix on my iPad in the US, I get a different selection of available content than I get in Canada. It's not exactly a win-lose situation. Some of the shows I like (The Hour, a great BBC show) I get in Canada, not the US. There's a bigger selection in the US but not necessarily better. iTunes same thing. Lots of content but sometimes different.
    Hope this is of some value to you.

    • Answered by Timothy D from Burlington
    • Mar 24, 2013
  • What is available on the Apple TV is iTunes Country dependent. Whatever is on the iTunes Store for New Zealand is what will be available for streaming or purchasing on the Apple TV, as it connects to the iTunes Store for all purchases and renting.

    • Answered by Christina T from Lake Oswego
    • Mar 26, 2013
  • It should be like this, since it is like this in Canada:
    What you can buy/rent on the iTune store of New Zealand will be playable by your AppleTV.
    The AppleTV is a device that stream, you should have a nice computer to buy movie and than
    stream them to you TV using the home sharing in your iTune application (on the PC that is)

    Sadly, a lot of nice things that we want is often out of reach because of the rights restrictions.
    For myself, I like The Cure and Vevo (on the AppeTV) say there is 32 videos, but in fact, I can only watch 3.

    For all the other things that you want to watch, get a mp4 version of it and change the «.mp4» to «.m4v» drop it in iTune and you can watch or stream from your computer's iTune.

    Have Fun

    • Answered by Marc L from Pointe-aux-trembles
    • Jan 19, 2014