Can I use Apple TV to display Keynote or Power Point presentations?

Basically it would be using it as a wireless connection between my MacBook Pro and HDTV.

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    I used my AppleTV 3 for the first time at a presentation at a Marriott Hotel. It worked flawless in mirror mode with my iPad 3. I was able to bring up my Keynote presentation on their big screen. Actually, anything App the iPad was visible in Mirror Mode. You could also put your presentation in .pdf format and run it from iBooks.

    Hookup was a breeze, simple plug their overhead projector's HDMI cable into the Apple TV, connect to their WiFi Network, and I was able to walk around the room with my iPad in hand and run the presentation. I could have also used my iPhone.

    My PC partner, was force to stand in the middle of the room with a big black cable hanging down from the overhead projector connected to his PC, and he had to keep pressing the space bar to move his presentation along. Not very cool. I think next time, he'll use his iPad.

    I would recommend major hotel chains invest in one of these for their presentation rooms. That way, anyone with an iPhone or iPad could easily give a cordless presentation.

    • Answered by Scott R from Boone
    • Nov 8, 2012
  • keynote is supported from both macs and ipads via airplay.

    • Answered by Sam K from Madison
    • Oct 8, 2012
  • You are correct in your answer here BUT and a big BUT if the wifi router blocks the airplay ports you are SOL and airplay will not work. At a major university here in town they block the airplay port for "security" reasons.

    There is a way around this, clunky and an additional $99 in the form of an airport express, you basically set up your own little network and use that to airplay. The one negative to this is that you won't have intern on your iPad but it work and I have set it up for use at this university for one lecturer.

    • Answered by Richard G from Boulder
    • Feb 15, 2014