are there parental controls available on any apple product?

My daughter who is going to be 10 wants an ipad , she doesnt have an email account, I have a registered apple product and icloud and would be like to put certain aspects of my apps on to her ipad, but not others such as facebook. Can an ipad work without an email address? and possibly no icloud? or should i register using my own account and then edit as I see fit? How do I then stop my daughter accessing unsuitable applications and possibly my apple account?

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    Yes. Follow these simple steps:

    Go to settings> General > Restrictions and you can turn them on and disable a few apps, including YouTube, mail, and other apps. Also here you can disable what ages you want your child to be playing, like only 12 and under. You can also disable explicit content, like swearing.

    Hope this helps!

    Also if you don't want iCloud to be accesible, don't put in your apple I'd or password on the device .

    Just don't download Facebook on her device and she can't access it. She can still access the web address, but just keep tabs on her history.

    • Answered by Michael W
    • Apr 5, 2012