can you use the new ipad as a phone? I currently have an iphone 4 but want to know if I could use the Ipad 3 to replace my phone and laptop.

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    You could use it to make calls to any phone using third party apps like Skype or Vonage, but if you want it to ring like a phone, you're going to have to either keep those apps running and keep the iPad plugged in, which may be inconvenient. You'd also probably want the 4g iPad, so that you could use those apps wherever you go. If you have only a WiFi version, you'd only be able to call while on your home Wifi or at a WiFi hotspot.

    If you're like me and you don't call people very often and you would rather have incoming calls go to voice mail, those services will work just fine. But if you're a big caller and want to receive calls immediately, it's just not going to replace a phone.

    FaceTime works great as a video calling service, and unlike other apps it rings reliably just like a phone even when you have your iPad in sleep mode. The catch: you'll be only able to call other Apple users (Iphone, iPad, Mac) and only while using a WiFi network.

    • Answered by Mark S from Portland
    • Apr 18, 2012
  • It would be awesome if we could, but sadly, no. I have impaired vision a d the tablet is lot easier to use than the phone. Apple really needs to think about adding this feature andor making a phone with a larger screen.

    • Answered by Dan B from Belwood
    • Feb 4, 2013