for my daughter, i do not know whether to get the mimni or need the larger HELP!

With homework is the mini going to be too small, ?

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  • Hi
    As an owner of an iPad mini I think that they are wonderful. The screen my a a bit smaller but it's so light, it's easy to travel with, it's great for kids and it's cheaper

    • Answered by Chloe H from Gold Coast
    • Mar 11, 2014
  • Depends on her intentions with the iPad. Also depends on her age. If she is a smaller child, I would go with the iPad mini. Smaller, less expensive, and is perfect for little kids to watch movies and play games. The iPad 2 (original) or iPad with Retina Display both have a 9.3 in. screen (measurements probably aren't exact, but around there). Does the same stuff as the iPad mini, but on a larger screen. Although, the iPad with Retina Display has far better graphics than the iPad 2 and iPad mini. Good for viewing pictures, watching movies, and just overall enhances your experience. However, iPad 2 and iPad with Retina Display are more expensive than the iPad mini, for obvious reasons.

    Personal Opinion: iPad mini for just homework. Small, easy to handle, and cheap. And you can easily use it to watch movies, play games, and surf the web when homework is over with. However, you don't get the Retina Display (only thing wrong/missing from the mini I think). Make sure she understands how advanced the technology is that she is using, and how delicate!

    • Answered by Nicholas G from Fowlerville
    • Aug 2, 2013
  • Best Answer:

    It won't be too small, I have a mini and its wonderful. Portable , fast, and very easy with my high school homework I would recommend a mini

    • Answered by Joey B from Roswell
    • Jun 17, 2013
  • It's really going to depend on her preference for size in regards to school. The iPad Mini is quite a bit lighter than the original sized iPads, but the keys are of course smaller as well. Kids are surprisingly adept at being able to type and draw on touch screens, and typing and perhaps drawing are the only things that I'd think would be an issue for doing homework. I will say this...for a little more than the price of an iPad 2 you can grab an iPad Mini and a Logitech keyboard which will make a lot more difference in writing papers than just a larger screen will. That said, don't worry too much because you can't really mess up either way.

    • Answered by Joshua R from League City
    • Jul 18, 2013
  • With the ipad mini it wouldn't be too small, because you can zoom in into what your looking at by just placing two fingers on the screen and moving them away from each other, so if your reading something and cant see it or if its too small you can zoom in!:)

    • Answered by Cat A from Toronto
    • Jun 15, 2013
  • Well if she likes to watch videos/movies the big one. But if she likes to just play games and iMessage then the mini. But if your choice is between iPad 2 or mini they are both really the same but the mini has a better camera. I always recommend buying refurbished of appl( overall I recommend the iPad 3 refurbished)you can get refurbished by going to "shopipad" then go to "certified refurbished"And for homework maybe the mini is too small

    • Answered by Josh K
    • Jun 10, 2013
  • Depends on how old she is. A mini is so much cheaper, bit you have to pay for wifi...

    • Answered by Erica H
    • Jul 18, 2013