how do you convert dvd movies to your ipad

Is there a way to convert dvd movies to your ipad?

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    There are lots of ripper/converter programs out there that you can run on your desktop/laptop. Handbrake is a popular free program. Googling for "covert dvd ipad" will find the commercial ones.

    Whichever you choose, you'd then take the files those produce and import them into iTines (File->"Add to Library...")

    And then sync your iPad with iTunes and the movies and tv shows will be appear under your iPad's Video app. Alternatively, turn on "Home Sharing" on iTunes and on your iPad, and then you can run, on your iPad, the files on your computer (i.e. without syncing).

    • Answered by Thomas K from Austin
    • Sep 28, 2012
  • If it's avi it has to be converted to mp4. You can get the software free. I use any video converter.

    • Answered by Diane B from Lincoln
    • Oct 7, 2012