I have a 4-user 3G/4G portable hot-spot by Verizon. Is there any way I can use an IPad or maybe one of the new Iphones as a hot spot?

I do not have cable or any land line so I use a HOT Spot to connect my MacBook to the web. The hot spot is 3/4G and costs about $65 mo.

I plan on an IPad and was wondering since they connect to wifi and the network, Is there anyway I can use either an Ipad or Iphone as a hot spot for other devices?

1 Answer from the Community

  • I have a motorola droid 4G and I use the mobile hotspot app and am able to sink my ipad min easily. With the 4G speed, when streaming rarely does it time out. Very fast.

    • Answered by Michael B from Folsom
    • Apr 19, 2013