I have wi-fi in my home. Do I need cellular service for an iPad? I am confused. Help!

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    Hi Amy,

    you can use your phone as a personal hotspot to give cellular data to your ipad when you are out of wi-fi range. You only need one cellular device for all of your devices.



    New Zealand

    • Answered by Tony Y
    • Apr 24, 2014
  • Hello Amy,

    You do not need cellular service for an iPad to utilize its basic features. But if you would like to browse the web, or download apps wirelessly you will need to have at least Wi-Fi service in your home, or access to Wi-Fi at another location. Apple sells an iPad that is Wi-Fi capable only and a version that is Wi-Fi + Cellular.

    Wi-Fi version can only go online if there is a Wireless access point available. The Wi-Fi + Cellular version can do what the Wi-Fi version is capable of, but it is not dependent on only Wi-Fi availability if you purchase a cellular plan hence + Cellular. So if you need to use your iPad "everywhere", like a mobile phone, you need to buy it a cellular plan.

    Hope that answers your question.


    • Answered by Oliver B from San Diego
    • Dec 16, 2013