I will move to Italy for 6 months. Will it works in cellular mode?

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  • Yes, if you sign up for their internet program on a military base, which is Vodaphone. Vodaphone is used in all of Italy I believe as well. There is an Apple Store in Rome and another in Catania, Sicily and they are just the ones that I am aware of! I'm sure they have it as our Landlord uses hers in Cellular all the time. We have lived herein Sicily for 14 months now. You can call the Rome, Italy Apple Store and they can tell you for sure what is available for where you are going or your Apple Store can call them for you. I would call Customer service and they should be able to have your answer almost immediately by contacting Italy. Good Luck

    • Answered by Sherri C from Fpo
    • Feb 4, 2015