iPad Air or Mini Retina

Hi I have a ipad 3 and I thought it's time to update my device. The question is which one: ipad air or mini retina. Currently I'm interested in both.
I like watching movies and browsing the web, which I think the mini retina is perfect for me.
However, I also use my ipad to draw with stylus, so it would make sense if I get an ipad air.

I haven't really play around with mini because I can't draw on it (no drawing app in the displayed ipad mini at apple store)
For me I like the portability that mini has but I'm afraid that it would be too small to draw. Ipad 3 and ipad air are almost the same size and sometime too bunny to bring places. I read in posts that mini can be annoying to because you have to zoom in and out a lot in some tasks.

What should I get?

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