Ipad mini or Ipad 2? (im using it for school)

I want it for school. I dont care about the resolution. I only care about the size (if it matters) and the memory.

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    If you are changing lessons a lot then the ipad mini is great but if you need to look at pictures, which are large then th 2 is great.
    The ipad mini has got more pixels per inch and is lighter; it's also thinner.

    • Answered by Adam M
    • Apr 1, 2013
  • Same dilemma. I got an ipad 2 mainly because of ibooks. I have no problem reading even my 3-column books. My only issue is it's size and weight. I wonder if I would still have the same reading experience with the mini. I hope someone shares his experience.

    • Answered by Danieson L from Novaliches
    • Mar 10, 2013