ipad mini or ipad with retina for college

I cannot decide between the ipad mini and the ipad with retina. I am an engineering student and want to carry around an iPad instead of lugging my books plus laptop around. I want to be able to pull it out in class and read my books on it.
Is the mini going to be hard to read my textbooks on? is the ipad 4 going to be too large to pull out in class, is it worth the extra money?
Obviously the 170 dollar price difference is a big deal. I also am not sure if I need the 32gb. I don't plan on using it for much besides school, so no music downloads or movies will be stored on it.

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    I can honestly say that the iPad mini displays textbooks (and all books for that matter) really, really well. The size is perfect because it is really thin and light, something that can't be said of the full size iPad. It's super easy to type and highlight on the mini and takes up less space in your bag. The full size iPad may be a tad faster at key things like opening apps or opening a webpage a few seconds faster, but the iPad mini is perfectly speedy enough to do anything and everything from reading and annotating books, to creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, to loading big pages and running super powerful apps with no lag whatsoever. The battery life on the mini is also fantastic, and it really is quite portable and capable for its size and price. The smaller screen size doesn't compromise any of the apps or functionality of a full size iPad at all. Hope I helped!

    • Answered by Tyler S
    • Mar 2, 2013