ipads and promethean activboards

I would like to be able to connect my ipad to my activboard for school, can I do this?

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    You can connect your ipad with a 30 pin/lightning connector to VGA/HDMI adaptor. You will not be able to use the board to interact with the ipad but it will show what is on your ipad screen.

    • Answered by Jacob G from Port
    • Dec 10, 2013
  • Yes, you can. I do it in my "World Literature I" class all the time. Here's what you'll need:

    1) VGA Adapter. You can buy this at a your friendly, neighbourhood Apple Store. It is a little white cord that costs around $29.99. You connect the 30-pin doohickey to your iPad, then plug the VGA side into Promethean VGA cord. One small bone of contention, though: the iPad VGA cord is heavy and if you wiggle your iPad too much, the 30-pin doohickey will fall out, and your Promethean board will go blank.

    Hopefully, Apple has solved this with its new Lightning-Cable iPad.

    2) If you like to play videos, you are going to need a 2-male-ended sound cord. They shouldn't cost too much. Plug one end into your iPad and the other into the side of the Promethean board. The plug-hole should be somewhere near a little, glowing, red, rectangular button. Once you've got it plugged in, don't forget to press that button 'til it turns green. Then you're good to go.

    Sorry for my lack of technical language, but I hope this helps. --Fr. Victor

    • Answered by Victor S from Edgewood
    • Sep 6, 2013