Is it possible to use my ipad 4 in an area without wifi?

When I purchased the ipad I asked if I needed a telephone number associated with it, and was told no. I found out if I want to use the ipad (which I'm addicted to) in an area without wifi, I should have purchased one with a telephone number. What steps do I need to take to correct this issue?

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    When you purchased your iPad you were given the option to purchase iPad WiFi only or iPad WiFi and Cellular. There is about a hundred dollar price difference between the two. If you purchased the one with cellular capabilities, all you need to do is go to the carrier of your choice (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T), and have it "activated". If you only purchased the standard iPad with WiFi only, you can not just turn this iPad into one with cellular capabilities. One option would be to go to the carrier of your choice and purchase a MOBILE HOTSPOT. This will be like having portable WiFi wherever you go. Hope this solves your problem!

    • Answered by Marriah H from Elkins Park
    • Mar 12, 2013