Should i buy the new ipad or keep my ipad 2

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    your ipad 2 should be just fine. don't buy the new ipad.

    • Answered by Azzyaty R from Kuala Lumpur
    • Oct 26, 2012
  • iPad 4 all the way! The difference in resolution was a big enough jump for many people to go iPad 2 to iPad 3, but now that the 4th is out, definitely pull the trigger! The speed will be much much faster and the display has 4x as many pixels as you have right now. Besides, Apple stuck with their old connector for like 10 years, so you might as well get all your devices using Lightning early in the game as they probably won't change it again for a long time. I know I'm definitely preordering an iPad 4 for my wife and I in just a few hours!

    • Answered by Matthew P from San Bernardino
    • Oct 25, 2012