should i get a ipod touch 5th gen or iphone 5 16gb

i plan on traveling

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    I know this was asked a long time ago, but it did not receive a good or accurate answer.

    This answer applies to current iPod/iPhone generations:

    If you need to contact people or use the internet from anywhere (on the bus, in the park, etc.), get an iPhone. You can buy a nano SIM card in the country you are visiting which will give you calling minutes and/or internet access anywhere you have a cell phone signal.

    If you only need to contact people or use the internet when you are near wifi hotspots (in your hotel, in a coffee shop, etc.), then go for the iPod Touch.
    You can install apps on iPod that let you make phone calls to other people (these are called VOIP apps - they let you make phone calls using wifi).

    • Answered by Eric S from Grand Junction
    • Apr 1, 2014
  • Iphone 5 because you can ONLY face time people on an IPod whereas if you get an Iphone 5 you can call others; some people don't have facetime so if you get i phone 5 you can communicate in various ways with Various people SO i personally believe you should get an Iphone.

    • Answered by London L
    • Feb 14, 2014