Should I get an iPad Mini or an iPad 4th Generation?

I am going to be a college student next year and I am going to use some of my graduation money to buy myself an iPad. I already have a macbook pro and I love it. The iPad would mainly be used as a secondary device to watch Netflix, play games, respond to emails and the like! I will also be doing a lot of traveling during the year (member of my University's football team) So i will spend a lot of time on planes and buses during the fall. What model do you think is right for me?

Thank you!

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    If I were you, I would get the Mini. Because you already have the Macbook Pro, you really don't need to spend another 500$ on an iPad for entertainment. The Mini does everything the 4th Generation iPad does. Also, because you are on the football team, and will be traveling a lot, the Mini would work better for you since it's so much more portable.

    • Answered by Will M from Brentwood
    • May 24, 2013