Should I get the iPad Mini or another iPad model?

This will be my first tablet purchase. I would be using it mostly for web browsing, social apps (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter), shopping apps (eBay, Amazon), taking photos and videos, and FaceTime calling. Thanks!

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    According to your description the ipad mini will be good. It will satisfy all your needs perfectly.
    If you do video/photo editing, or gaming, or reading a lot, or simply want to experience the retina display, then go with the 4th generation ipad.

    • Answered by Zhiyun Y from Wollongong
    • Oct 25, 2012
  • If those are going to be your primary activities, then by all means go with the mini! It's a perfect tablet for all of the above activities, and the form factor means you can take it almost anywhere :-)

    • Answered by Justin S from Brampton
    • Oct 25, 2012
  • Sounds like an easy choice for me - go for iPad mini. It will be easier for you to take pics or FaceTime using iPad mini compared to other iPad models, which might be tad too heavy & hot. All the apps built for other iPad models still work for mini too, I heard. Go to an Apple store & get hands-on with both models to make up ur mind.

    • Answered by Jessica Wahyu D
    • Oct 25, 2012
  • Ipad 4 definitely because of the retina dislay. That's important for the type of stuff you are doing. The Ipad mini is basically a smal lpad2, so keep that in mind. It's not a small Ipad 3 or Ipad4

    • Answered by Anthony & Shawna A from Charlotte
    • Oct 25, 2012
  • well i believe that the iPad mini would be the better choice because it is smaller, more flexible, and you can fit it into smaller areas. the iPad mini is the way to go because of the way it was made. it is easier to handle, it has the ability to go more places, and as i said before you can fit it into a purse, and or pocket. so as you can see the iPad mini is the better choice for multiple reasons. but this does not mean that the regular iPad is not better.

    • Answered by Matt B from Hopkinton
    • Jun 10, 2013
  • In response to Anthony & Shawna, the iPad mini has the same camera and video as the iPad with retina display, which would be better than the iPad 2. Check out the compare Ipads section.

    • Answered by Joseph D from Chula Vista
    • Dec 19, 2012