should i get the wif or 4g ipad

i want to get the new ipad but i dont know which one to get the wif or the wifi+cellular any ideas to help me dicide ....thanks

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    Well, if you have an iPhone then no need to get the 3/4G version of the iPad. I use my iPhone "Personal Hotspot" feature to bring mobile data to the iPad.

    It works fantastically.

    • Answered by Thomas E from Harrogate
    • Nov 11, 2012
  • The main consideration is, how often will you be out of range of a WiFi connection, and will that matter to you? For most people, I'd recommend they get the 4G version because they end up using the iPad more than they predicted and *will* end up wanting a connection when they're out and about -- e.g. while wandering around a town you don't know and want a map, or in a shop and want to look up a product, or on public transport, or ... and so on.

    Only if you're *sure* you'll always have WiFi when you want internet would I recommend going for WiFi only. Remember that even if you buy the 4G enabled version, you don't have to use or pay for a 4G service.

    • Answered by Thomas K from Austin
    • Sep 28, 2012