what kind of apps are there for the ipad mini?

I am going to purchase an ipad mini but have never used a tablet of any kind. what kind of apps are available e.g. for travel, borrowing from libraries, buying books and organizational tools? How does it access to the internet? Does it have to be used in a wireless environment?

Can I preview apps online to get an idea of what is available?

2 Answers from the Community

  • I suggest you get an apple ID and log into itunes and search for "iPad apps".

    • Answered by John H
    • Sep 11, 2014
  • U can get hd games and a whole lot more for ipad but im not sure there is anything new for ipad mini as ive got 1 and another ipad

    Hope it helps (:

    • Answered by Jelly F
    • Apr 20, 2013