Can I keep my AT&T unlimited data plan if I upgrade to iPhone 4S?

I have a 3GS and have been AT&T unlimited data plan since the beginning. I am eligible for upgrade to the iPhone 4S. Will I be able to keep the unlimited data plan?

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    I believe that you can. I am grandfathered in using the unlimited data plan for I think it is $30/mo. I obviously wanted to keep that and was told by AT&T that everything stays the same. In fact when I went to AT&T to upgrade to the 4s from the 3Gs my data plan was listed and it was indeed the same one I have now, along with 1000 test messages for $10/mo. [that I bought some time ago.] I then came to the Apple store to buy my iPhone because I prefer buying it straight from Apple with Apple Care then from the AT&T site.
    Hope this answers our question.

    • Answered by M Anthony B from Dunnellon
    • Apr 28, 2012