I want to allow only certain apps (e.g messages,whatapps,viber,etc.) to use cellular data. Is there a way to do it?

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  • As of right now with iOS 6 you can't do that, but you can reduce cellar data by shutting off notifications for that apps you don't want to be running cellular data.

    • Answered by Dionicio O from Bell
    • Oct 19, 2012
  • Best Answer:

    Not uniformly.

    Settings > General > Cellular brings you to where you can control certain usage of mobile data for the apps where you allowed it:
    - iCloud Documents
    - iTunes
    - FaceTime
    - Passbook Updates
    - Reading List

    Plus some apps have options for allowing or prohibiting mobile data, e.g.:
    Settings > FaceTime : Use Cellular Data ON/OFF
    Settings > Podcasts : Use Cellular Data ON/OFF

    You will have to individually review options for each application to control its usage of mobile data.


    • Answered by Maxim K from Basingstoke
    • Oct 19, 2012