No LTE in ireland but maybe in the future so which one to buy?

Hi, I'm hoping to get the iPhone 5 from apple online. However, Ireland has no LTE (yet) and I just read some info detailing that different networks utilise different bands for this. Therefore, there is a chance that my phone would not be able to get on to LTE if my network provider uses it on a band that's not available on the phone that I choose to purchase. I have 2 questions; 1: Is there a "safe" iphone to go with there the chances of networks using those bands are high? 2: Would I be entitled to a replacement (wouldn't mind refurbished/second hand) phone if my network provider uses a band that's not compatible with the headset that I purchase? Thanks for the replies!

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    I bought an IPhone 5 from O2 Ireland when I was in Dublin . When I came to Toronto ,tried various networks but none worked with LTE ( unlocked phone)'. I went to Apple store and they were about to replace and give me a new phone and then realised that I bought the phone in Ireland , so they couldn't give a new phone . So I am now only getting 3G on my phone . So you may get 3G in Ireland and the warranty would not replace the phone for you ! Hope I have answered part of your question !

    • Answered by Sudhir I from Toronto
    • Feb 13, 2013