When you turn the do not desturb setting on, what exsactly does that do ?

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    Do Not Disturb shuts off all notifications - does not display application notifications, incoming calls, incoming text messages. It will still sound alarms, which makes it good for when you go to bed at night if you're someone who uses your phone as an alarm clock in the mornings. There is also a setting which will allow the phone to sound if someone from your Favorites contacts you while the phone is in Do Not Disturb mode.

    It's very nice to have at night so that my phone isn't constantly making noise on my bedside table and keeping me awake, but I know it will still wake me up on time.

    • Answered by Casey B from Winter Park
    • Oct 23, 2012
  • it makes you not able to accept phone calls etc from anyone but, the people you approve on your favorites etc. To set it up go under settings, then notifications and click do not disturb.

    • Answered by Bc B from Nashville
    • Oct 23, 2012