Are there iPods that come with a 4G network so that you don't need wifi for everything

On my iPod you need wifi to text. On iPhones and regular phones you don't need the wifi because they have a 4G or 3G connection. Are there iPods that have the "G" connections so that I don't need wifi to text?

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    Well, that would basically be an iPhone. :P To answer your question though, no there aren't any iPods that have cellular network connectivity. iPad, and of course iPhone, have cellular connectivity options, but iPod doesn't.

    • Answered by Austin P from Copperopolis
    • Sep 15, 2012
  • No. The only iPod with wireless connectivity is the iPod touch, which can only connect to WiFi networks. If you want a mobile device with cellular connectivity you'll have to purchase an iPhone or an iPad with WiFi + cellular.

    • Answered by Dereck H from Alpharetta
    • Sep 15, 2012
  • No, All iPods (including the iPod Touch 5G) Doesn't come with 4G, 4G-WiMAX, 3G, or any other Cellular Data.

    • Answered by Andarrio A from Lithia Springs
    • Sep 17, 2012
  • There are not currently any iPods that come will cellular antennas that allow for connection on cellular networks. iPads, however, can be purchased with LTE as well as wifi on both AT&T and Verizon in the U.S. The great thing about the iPad is that it doesn't require a contract line cellular phones, but are rather a month to month cost, so you can purchase a data plan only when you really need it.

    • Answered by Aaron J from Suwanee
    • Sep 14, 2012
  • Ipod touch does not have a cellular data capability. Therefore, the only way you can connect to the internet is via wifi

    • Answered by Hamid M from Danville
    • Sep 15, 2012
  • All iPod models come with wifi enablement, but they cannot be hooked up with 4G or 3G connections. You would need to either purchase an iPhone or iPad (iPad 2 or later) to be able to use cellular connections.

    • Answered by Patsy D from Bowmanville
    • Sep 16, 2012
  • No, there are no ipods that come with a 3G or 4G connection. The "G" connection you refer to is 3G or 4G cellular data connection. You would need a phone for that connection and then it isn't the ipod, it's the iphone. If you want to be able to use data without wifi you would need an iphone or a hotspot that converts a cellular connection into a wifi connection for your ipod (or a friend that has one and can let you use their connection).

    • Answered by Randy A from San Diego
    • Sep 16, 2012
  • no cellular connection or g connects are only available on iphones and ipads with wifi 3g

    hope this helps

    • Answered by Jake R from Melbourne
    • Sep 15, 2012
  • to have wifi on the go you will need a iphone and a wifi enabled device turn on the personal hotspot on the iphone you must pay your service

    • Answered by Taurus C from Colorado Springs
    • Sep 25, 2012
  • That my friend, is called an iPhone.

    • Answered by Darcy D from Castle Rock
    • Sep 14, 2012
  • Just iPhones and iPads

    • Answered by Kyle M from Aldie
    • Sep 15, 2012
  • No

    • Answered by Antonio Ulderico P from Venezia
    • Sep 13, 2012
  • No, there are no iPods that come with a cellular network.

    • Answered by A D from Gilbert
    • Sep 16, 2012
  • no

    • Answered by Justin C from Campbell
    • Sep 14, 2012