can an IPOD use face time video and text ?

Face Time App on an IPOD Video

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    The only iPods that can use FaceTime, video, and text is the iPod touch 4th generation and the iPod touch 5th generation. NOTE: on the iPod it's called iMessage which can ONLY be sent between iPod, iPad, iPad, and Mac ONLY if they are able for I message. For the iPod 4th and 5th, iPad 2-mini, and the iPhone 3GS-4s will have to run on iOS 5 and up. If some one has a lets say a droid phone you CANNOT text them using iMessage because they are not an apple idevice. You will have to go to the App Store and download an texting app that will ONLY work over wifi if used on the iPod touch.

    • Answered by Joey W from Van Buren
    • Jun 12, 2013
  • only ipod touch ipads iphones and macs macbooks and computers that have that software can have face time

    • Answered by Lukas R
    • Jun 22, 2013