IPOD Touch for an 11 year old, is it possible to read books on the device? If yes are there a lot of childrens books available?

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    Yes, you can read books on an iPod touch with the iBooks and/or kindle app, both of which are free. There are many thousands of children's books.

    • Answered by Asa D from Spring City
    • Nov 24, 2012
  • Yes and Yes.

    Apple and Amazon have free apps ("iBooks", "Kindle") to let you read e-books purchased from their respective online stores. Barnes & Noble probably offers a similar app; I just haven't gone and looked for it yet.

    Project Gutenberg offers a lot of old, public-domain books (think "Pride and Prejudice", not "Harry Potter") for free, in either Kindle format, or the open ePub format (which iBooks understands).

    At least one science fiction publisher (Baen Books) sells their books online in non-DRMed ePub format, with a number of "first in a series" books offered free as a clever way of getting readers hooked on the rest of the series.

    So I'd say there are a lot of children's books available; just browse the iTunes Store and Amazon and the Project Gutenberg site and see for yourself.

    • Answered by Thomas N from Marlborough
    • Nov 24, 2012