As a Transferring College student: Which is better for me? a Macbook Air or Pro? (Aiming to be a teacher)

I'm currently transferring to a 4 year university to double major in History and Psychology, of which I plan on teaching at a high school level. I've noticed that schools are moving more and more towards technology, and Macs, that I might as well embrace the Mac as well, to get used to the format of it. I am familiar with IPod Nanos, Ipod Touches, and Iphones.

Currently I'm leaning towards the Macbook Pro, mainly for a SSD. But it never hurts to have the advice of others. Correct?

What I plan on doing with it, is exactly what I do with my Desktop at home. Write papers, make power point presentations, print out designs, play movies, music, and games. (if it handles all sims 3 games, perfect), making short movies, draw, etc.

So what do you guys think?

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    MBP because it can do so much more than a MacBook Air . Here's how:

    More space/capacity

    Upgradeable RAM

    SuperDrive (CD Drive)

    Hope that answers your question

    • Answered by Shazad A from Toronto
    • Feb 11, 2013