Best mac for video editing under 2000$

I currently own a 13" MacBook Pro, Early 2011 model and I got a bit of a problem with my video editing. The thing is: it can just not handle what I'm doing. It's hard to read things when not using my 1080p Monitor and it's just not good.

So, I made a bit of an idea with my MacBook and my dad. He'll get mine as new Home laptop, and I can choose one for under 2000$.

I do video editing on it, a lot. I render about two clips a day, and I need a computer that is really fast, and has the most of horsepower available. I don't care about portability, I just want to know which is the most powerful.

Thanks in advice.

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    I would recommend a quad-core iMac with 8GB or RAM. Should be a ton faster. Upgrade it as much as you can as long as you dont go over $2000.

    • Answered by Nick B from Dallas
    • Nov 27, 2011