buying a macbook pro for graphic design

I am a graphic design student with a limited budget looking to buy a mbp. The main one I am looking at is the standard "15 mbp, since its the one recommended by my teacher. Any of the upgrades like the retina display and SSD aren't necessary she said and are also out of my price range. I was also considering the 13" since its a lot cheaper, but was concerned with my ability to work with a smaller screen. I am also looking for what will be the best long term investment, since I will most likely be using it for work after I graduate.

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  • For me i would not listen to your teacher. The macbook pro 15 inch with ssd and retina display is worth it .And this will work for a long time unless you buy an older mbp you can upgrade the hard drive to ssd and upgrade the memory

    • Answered by Chi L from Las Vegas
    • Feb 28, 2015