can 1 apple wireless keyboard be use in mac mini and ipad simultaneuosly?

i'm thinking to buy mac mini and ipad this upcoming august..
the purpose i'm having ipad and mac mini is for mobility and also for home use respectively.

so, let say i'm at home right now, and i'm doing my thesis and assignment (btw, i'm an undergrad student)...
i want to edit thesis on my mac mini and also want to edit assignment that i did on the ipad...

i already saw the video on you tube. the apple wireless keyboard can be use on both devises with no problem separately...
( 5 minutes with the mac mini and 5 minutes later with the ipad and so on without the need to eject or disconnect it... )

i hope someone already face this issue and have the idea to help me..
thank you in advance. =)

2 Answers from the Community

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    You have to unpair with one before pairing with the other, but it can be used for multiple devices. I tried doing it with my Mini iPad and then with my iPad2 but couldn't without unpairing one of them.

    • Answered by Cheryl R from Irving
    • Dec 2, 2012
  • I doubt it. Think about it: If your keyboard worked on both the Mac and the iPad simultaneously, then you would be typing the same thing on both devices simultaneously. Also, you can only pair the bluetooth radio with one computer/iPad at a time (that is how I understand Bluetooth to work). Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Peter D from Marietta
    • Nov 2, 2012