Can I copy all files from a USB2 external hard drive to a firewire 800 hard drive? And will my mac recognise the links for music and video etc?

I currently have a 2TB USB 2 external hard drive with a lot of music and video clips for editing with. Since I started using HD footage I have noticed much slower performance and am looking to upgrade to a firewire 800 external hard drive.

Is it possible to clone my current drive onto a new firewire drive, so that all links to the location of clips/music/folders will still be found, despite being on a completely different (and hopefully faster) drive?

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  • Yes you can, it is very easy but there is a procedure you need to perform after the copy has completed.

    Before you start the copy open iTunes and use the iTunes Preferences>Advanced panel to identify the path of your existing music library, particularly the folder at the end of the path. Quit iTunes, do not perform the copy with iTunes active. Copy the contents from the USB drive to the FireWire drive, after the copy has completed unmount the USB drive. Hold the 'option' key down as you open iTunes, you will be presented a dialog box asking if you wish to use an existing or new library. Select 'Choose Library...', navigate to your new FireWire drive and select the folder previously used by iTunes (refer to the path of the previous library if necessary). This should link iTunes to the new library location.

    • Answered by Wallace K from New Berlin
    • Apr 10, 2014