Cleaning the mac ?

Hey guys i am worried about my mac getting dirt, at the same time i am afraid to use a solution that may damage the paint (if there any) on it?
what do you recommend ?

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  • ....NEVER USE ANY SOLUTION TO CLEAN....NO, No,.....&....No !!!

    (Only exception would be the OLDER Display Monitors....& then that's A MAYBE....'cause there ARE also special cloth material that would be used on "large SCREEN TV's" & for NEWER DISPLAY monitors for both desktops & laptops because most have SPECIAL protective coating....typically: windex quick drying spray type....maybe On OLDER displays should okay...etc....? ;)

    ...On exterior there's nothing wrong with just with what we refer to as "Wet-Wipes" as long as it's on exterior & most often the kind you use for traveling are better 'cause they NOT so much "WET" wipes & are more dryer wet-wpies....or if you don't
    trust yourself just use a soft pliable cloth just dampen w/ H2O & wipe briskly & make sure your computer is COMPLETELY OFF
    while doing any of this exterior cleaning.....okay? Leave the INTERIOR cleaning to SOMEONE who knows how to handle this....
    It would be better to let a technician handle interior for nominal fee....($20-$30...max) because not only will he/she clean but they can tell you if anything is needed to be done in the process....for added charge I'm sure; for lose parts etc..... ;) Nothing wrong to have this interior cleaning done periodicaly ....pending if needed of course....etc. ;)

    • Answered by Bernard S from San Marcos
    • Oct 22, 2014