College Student- Macbook Air or Macbook Pro Retina?


I'm very confused about which one I should buy. I love the macbook air because it's portable and light. Plus the battery is a huge plus.

I like the retina because of the processing power and the screen quality.

I do a lot of lab reports, have to commute everyday, and watch a lot of movies on the laptop.

I'm afraid if I buy the macbook air

MAIN concern: it'll be too slow for me since it's only 1.7 GHZ

Do you guys think it's enough for me or should I just wait until the new retina macbook comes out?

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    To address your main concern, by no means is MacBook Air a slow machine. Just because it is 1.7 GHz doesn't mean it runs slow. Intel's 4th generation Core processors (Haswell) on MacBook Air get more work done per cycle. These chips also have turboboost, which speeds up your processor up to 3.2 GHz if your system needs it. MacBook Air is a terrific computer for what you described, but you also mention MacBook Pro with retina display.

    Both computers will suit your needs, however MacBook Air is a more portable option.

    • Answered by David W from Cupertino
    • Aug 10, 2013