Difference between Macbook Pro with Retina Display and the new Macbook Air?

As the new Macbook Pro doesn't come with a disk drive and the original Macbook air doesn't come with a disk drive at all, what is the difference? They differ from price therefore, I would like to know the difference.

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    Hi Krysta,

    There is a lot of difference between the MBP (Macbook Pro) and the MBA (Macbook Air) aside from the price and the ports. For starters, the MBP features a high resolution 15" display (everything you see on the screen will be super sharp and crisp). The MBA is about 1.5lbs lighter than the MBP and as you've stated it does not have a dvd drive. MBP is meant for people who will be working a lot with video or photography, things that require a lot of processing power, think a fast car. MBA is more for the casual user who will only use the laptop for general every day things like surfing the web, uploading pictures, chatting with friends, etc. The MBP will also have more storage space assuming you are sticking with the base models (meaning you aren't planning on making any upgrades). Hope that helps. If you have questions you can always walk into an Apple store and test out the machines and ask the sales people there.

    • Answered by Ricky C from Brooklyn
    • Jun 17, 2012