Flash storage is faster, but what about storage capacity?

I have a 2009 unibody MacBook with about 320Gb hard drive. It is so full that it runs very slowly. I' m wanting to get a new one with a larger hard drive. But, I see that Flash storage is recommended due to its speed.
I have a large image library of @ 20,000, and edit with Photoshop. I also have a large music library.
How difficult is it to use external drives for extra storage? I have one for backups, but I hesitate to use externals for everyday use.

Is a 128Gb flash enough to hold the OS and basic apps?

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    That depends on which basic apps you are referring to but the answer is yes for OS and basic apps. Flash storage is faster and also there are no moving parts like a hard drive so its less likely to break. If you are thinking of getting a new Mac I would suggest the retina MacBook Pro with 512GB's. You would have to configure one to your needs as they come in 128GB and 256GB's most likely. Using an external for everyday use is not feasible. You can do it but I don't recommend it at all. There is a non retina MacBook Pro with a 500hard drive that might just fit your needs perfectly.

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Little Rock
    • Mar 1, 2014