HELP CHOOSING! Real Estate use - looking for best options to accomodate growth: MAC Pro Desktop, iPad, Macbook Pro??? All of them???

I'm a Real Estate Broker about to significantly expand from a sole proprietor to a full service brokerage. Our initial focus is on Apartment & Single Family Home Rentals as a Locator Service, but quickly expanding to single family home sales (primarily investors) and commercial/multi-family sales.

All agents coming aboard have their own laptops, mostly PCs. I've been a iBook G4 user for years, which is on its last legs. I have a chance to buy a MAC Pro desktop, 2 yrs old for $800 - only with standard MAC software. Was planning to use this and load it up with all the software that I need... and use this as our basic "in office" computer for my self and as we grow for all of our business, due to the expandability.

However, I am transitioning from working at home to being in the office and I still like to work from home. I do and will continue to do much of our own basic design work such as flyers and website and of course real estate has many many documents and TONS of photos.

I bought an iPad, and I LOVE how small it is and the apps and being able to read, pay bills, do emails, research and the thought of using it out in the field with rental customers is great... but I cant work on building our website on it or creating more complex documents - if I want to work at 3 AM.

Long story short - what do I really need here? The desktop and the iPad? or the MAC Pro for growth potential? I thought initially the desktop at the office and the iPad for portability, but in using the iPad - I can see it wrking in the field w/customers but not for me at 3 AM wrking on the website.. Yet I need to know how it can/will work to maximize how my field agents may be able to use them.

I confess - I want them all!! But, alas, being a new business expansion, I must be prudent, (even tho I DO anticipate phenomenal and rapid growth!). Would having all of these options be prudent or serious overkill??


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    I think the MacBook pro would suit your needs really good because it has a lot of processing power to edit photos, documents and so much more! The MacBook pro looks very professional and is portable and slim so you can take it anywhere you want.

    • Answered by Braydon C from Saskatoon
    • Aug 16, 2012