home automation on mac mini

I want to automate my house and the software I want to use needs to leave the computer on all the time. What I would like to do if possible is hook up a mac mini to my TV and also use for home automation. Can I set up using my Mac Book Pro, leave the mini on all the time so I can access from the web to control my house from anywhere.

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  • Yes the Mac Mini works perfectly for this. I use mine in nearly the same way (except I don't use any monitor or TV with it I simply use screen sharing on my iMac).
    The really great thing about the Mac Mini is it is really power efficient. Mine is on 24/7 and I still have low electricity bills. (It's very well tested as I have a mid 2010 Mac Mini and it's been on constantly since I bought it).

    • Answered by Charlie M
    • Mar 2, 2013