How can I add a second display to my MacBook Pro 13" (mid 2012)? I need a bigger workspace.

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    Hi Jeff,

    This process will be fairly easy for you if:
    -your display has a vga or hdmi output
    -you are willing to spend around $30-40 depending on what you buy and where

    You Macbook Pro 13" has a couple thunderbolt ports on the side of it. Depending on whether your monitor has hdmi or vga (preferably hdmi) you would buy a thunderbolt to vga or hdmi adapter. I would recommend buying from third parties on sites such as amazon or ebay because of the high premium that apple charges for their adapters. So after you got your adapter, you would buy either a normal vga or hdmi cable to hook to the adapter and monitor. Good luck shopping!

    • Answered by Matthew N from Placentia
    • Jan 2, 2014
  • I had this same problem with the MBP I use at work, but that is a 15/retinal model, early 2012, so there's a slight difference from yours. The thunderbolt/display-port solutions mentioned earlier are the right way to do this but cautionary note: not all thunderbolt to display outs (VGA/DVI) are the same. I went through 3 of them from reputable online stores, they all had different problems, so I ended up dropping the big dime (like $50) at the Apple store for the Belkin model.

    If your MBP has HDMI on it, that works really well too as long as your monitor has HDMI too. If not, then consider MBP HDMI to DVI-D if the monitor supports that. Again, remember that you get what you pay for with these adapters, but that's how it's done.

    Once connected, you have to play around a bit in System->Preferences->Displays to get thing "sync'd" but it all works.

    Best of luck.

    • Answered by Peter U from East Providence
    • Jan 11, 2014
  • Jeff,
    thunderbolt to HDMI is by far the best; offering a versatile value in monitor selection(s) as well.

    • Answered by Brian S from Fairfield
    • Jan 5, 2014