How do I decide whether I need Mac Pro and Mac mini?

I need a desktop. I would like to disconnect cable and just use the computer thru my TV. I work a business out of my home and would need more than a laptop. How do I decide between a Mac Pro or a Mac mini?

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    A Mac Pro is very expensive, so unless you were doing some extreme video editing, or programming or something, I would recumbent just getting a Mac Mini. an iMac however is more powerful than a MacMini, test still much cheaper than a Mac Pro. You could easily just plug your TV into the iMac to use it as the Main/ Secondary Monitor. You can also use AirPlay Mirroring on an APple TV so that you don;t even need to use any cables.

    • Answered by Connor B from Golden
    • Apr 28, 2013
  • The best option to 'unplug and go' would be the Mac Mini. It's a lot light than the Mac Pro. If you get a Mac Pro, you could always buy an Apple TV which allows AirPlay from the Mac allowing you the ability to not have to disconnect anything. All you would have to do is enable AirPlay.

    • Answered by Michael B from Fpo
    • Apr 27, 2013