How do I move my files from a PC to a iMac

I use Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 2, MS Office and have various video formats all on my PC. I am shortly getting a 27" iMac and need to know how to move my files across.

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  • A portable hard-drive is a good suggestion as mentioned - you can plug it into your previous machine, copy and paste the files to the portable drive, and then copy and paste those files onto your new mac.

    You may have to make sure the hard-drive is formatted to a language which can be understood by both a PC and a Mac (I suggest FAT32).

    If you are local to any Apple store, you can always take out a One-to-One service (you can & have to purchase the service during the checkout process) and if your machine is within 5 years old (at least, still working and virus free, an Apple store can do a migration for you, on top of this, you will be entitled to a years free tuition service on anything and everything mac based so you can get the most out of using your iMac and OS X

    • Answered by Matthew D
    • Aug 29, 2012
  • Best Answer:

    either you can upload your document to a cloud service and then retrieve them in your mac whenever you want.
    And the other time saving way: get hold of a portable hard disk drive, which is both compatible with PC and mac, then copy data from your windos to mac!!
    that easy it is!! :)

    • Answered by Somdip D from Kolkata
    • Jun 18, 2012