how mac can beat other machines in programming and software developing ?

I want to buy mac bbok pro but mostly I heard that it is reliable in music and designing porpose only but I'm IT student so how it can be usefull for me ?

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  • you can run VM's fairly easy, but you would be limited to ram the most i think ive seen ram wise is 12 GB and single HDD/SSD my ASUS has 32GB 1600 MHz 2 GB DDR5 VRam and 2 SSD Samsung 850 evos running in raid 0 I compile code in fractions of a seconds, running on a Haswell I7 for half the price. now I will say if your running Ubuntu, then you can run a lot of VM's due to the low amounts of ram they require, but depends on the IT field you are going in to and what you are developing for.

    • Answered by Steven F from Albuquer
    • Jul 13, 2015