how much can i store on a 128gb flash (new MBA) versus a 320 hard drive (MBP)

Im looking to upgrade to a MBA from a MBP. My current MBP has a 320GB had drive. What I'm asking is what is the ratio of Flash storage to hard drive storage?

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    There is no difference in density when comparing traditional HDD/Magnetic storage and SSD-based flash storage. The capacities are measured in the same bit/Byte format.

    128GB =128GB regardless of the storage medium, so 128GB on your HDD is the same as 128GB on your new SSD, though the read/write performance will be greatly improved on the flash drive.

    Npw, considering that your HDD is larger than your SSD (128 vs. 320GB) This will mean, of course, that your SSD won't be able to store as much as your HDD in your MBP, but the capacities are just different. No difference in measurement.

    I hope this is clearer now. Let me know if you need any more help!

    • Answered by Mike H from Cincinnati
    • Jan 17, 2012