I am consider to buy mac air with upgraded 2.0 i7 or mac pro 13'' with 2.5 i5. So I am wondering that which one might have better performance?

I do used to run a lot applications, especially I always open a lot web browsers. Occasionally I use photoshop and lightroom. I use some statistics software on my mac.

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    The MacBook air will be a little faster because it has a SSD but the MacBook Pro will have a stronger processor but sometimes it will be a little slower But the MacBook Pro has better processor Compared to MacBook air But if you need a DVD drive the MacBook Pro would be perfect And if you use a lot of iMovie our hard processing things The MacBook Pro be perfect But if you need it just for web browsing and a little bit of movies and things like that and you travel a lot the air would be perfect for u

    • Answered by Linds A from Ottawa
    • Jan 9, 2013