I am retiring as a teacher and want an apple laptop. I am most interested in email, facebook, digital scrapbooking. What should I get?

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  • This would be down to a personal preference buy than a recommended buy.

    with the low usage you are going to do on the laptop then you don't need such high specifications as such.

    You can choose from a macbook air for its slim design and lightweight portability options and sacrifice a CD drive (you can always purchase an external if needed)

    But if you prefer a more sturdy machine then maybe a standard macbook would be the better option, You can always opt for the hi res screen if you are doing a scap book for a better image quality and for the ability to see more on the screen at any one time.

    Hope this helps you with choosing a little easier.

    • Answered by Ben J from Manchester
    • Mar 15, 2013