I need a laptop that runs well when using Dragon Naturally speaking and kurzweil. Is there a Mac that can do that?

The laptop needs to be fast and have alot of memmory to be able to run these programs. It also has to be easy to use and light weight. I am a college student and need a labtop that can be run for hours so that I can get all my prodjects done without the laptop burning out on me. Can a Mac work for me?

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    I have a macbook air, and use dragon ALL the time!! Very happy!!

    • Answered by Wilder R from Palm Beach
    • May 4, 2011
  • It was great to see your question. I am a student with disabilities both learning and physical, making carrying or even rolling a back pack all day difficult. The learning disabilities is quite a task itself...I am sure you understand. Apples produces excellent products to choose from: I have found them extremely helpful.
    I have been using a Mac Air which for many reasons has assisted in my learning and physical disabilities. I suggest this machine Along with an Ipad 2!!! The ipad has many, many applications to assist those with learning disabilities. In addition the speech to text, text to speech, library allowing you to place your text books within.....makes a very useful tool for us. Not to mention the ability to mark in your books (in the Ipad) turn the pages with a little swipe of your finger,...there is highlighting funtions on and on and on!!! For physical IT ONLY WEIGHS ... A POUND! add on the little keyboard (1 more pound) and you have everything you need to be a complete Success in earning your degree as a R.N.

    P.S. Connect this to your Mac Pro or Air --- and nothing will stop your progress to success.

    - A. Friend

    • Answered by William W from Los Angeles
    • May 16, 2011