I use my Mac for both personal and for work, if I were to get a rugged hard drive can I completely run all my work files from the hard drive?

I don't want any of my work files on my computer, I do a lot of media and design and they are slowing down my computer. Can I completely place them on the external hard drive and not on my Mac, almost as if I had two separate computer storages?

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  • The short answer is yes.

    The long answer is.... First, it is unlikely that files on your drive are slowing down your computer. Second, your work files (like Photoshop PSD files and Illustrator AI files) don't run... they are data files that application files (commonly just called 'Applications') read and write. Applications (like Photoshop and Illustrator) run. Likely, you will run Illustrator from your internal drive, and your Illustrator work files will be saved on the external 'rugged hard drive'.

    • Answered by Jason H from Toronto
    • May 17, 2014