I want a macbook pro for stuff at home. 13" or 15"? I'm also wondering if mac has a word program or how I could get one... please help!

I want a macbook pro for writing, movie making, animation, music and internet surfing. I'm looking at the different models and am wondering if 13" is too small?It won't be leaving home much and am also wondering how much memory to get. It whould also be for typing work from school.

Answers appreciated :)

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    Hello! The 13 in. Macbook Pro is PERFECT. The screen size is just big enough, and it is not small. My Macbook has 4GB of memory. It is not permanent, of course, and you can have on-screen help to replace the memory modules. It has great graphics, battery life, and the illuminated keyboard is wonderful and handy. It does come with a word-processing tool, called "TextEdit". It is not a full-featured product meant for typing out documents. It is similar to "WordPad" on a PC computer. You can purchase Microsoft Office for your new Mac. If you don't want to purchase that, you can buy iWork '09 for Mac. I'd say it is just as good or even better than Microsoft Office for Mac. So, overall, the 13 in. Macbook Pro is ideal for the type of worker you describe yourself as. Glad I could help! :)

    • Answered by Eric M from Yorba Linda
    • Jan 2, 2012
  • There are word programs for the mac, it has the basic text edit built in but if you're looking for microsoft word then you can buy the mac version of office. There is a free alternative called Open Office, it's freeware and works really well like office for people who don't want to shell out the money for microsoft's, just do a google search for open office mac.

    • Answered by Joseph B from Tinley Park
    • Jan 1, 2012