I'm a college student, should I get a air or a pro?

In the spring I'm transferring to a college Where I'm looking up to a 2000 dollar spending for a laptop. I'm hoping to go into the Education field, where I'm learning that more and more teachers and schools are using Mac Computers in my area, and other states, so I'm looking to get acquainted with them in case I land a job in a school district that uses Macs. I'm familiar with Ipods nanos, Touches, and Iphones. I've only used a Mac Desktop once, and that was when I was 12 So I'm sure they have changed in 11 years.

However I'm not sure which computer would be best for me. I usually use my laptop as much as my desktop which I will be bringing with me, however there are certain weeks I'll just be only on my laptop and not once touching the desktop. I expect the same (if not more) out of the Mac than I get out of my windows. Watching movies, playing video games (mostly sims 3), Writing up papers, putting together small movies, music, and a lot of digital drawing.

With the Air, I like the fact that it is thin and can be hidden fast in case there is a inkling that I think someone is going to steal it. However I love the fact that I can get a SSD with the Pro. Any thoughts?

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  • The air definitely is the best option for just doing things like taking notes. I think the air would work fine for the majority of things in the Education field of work. It is also very convenient for taking from class to class without any size issues. However, if you are thinking about playing any heavy games you might want to think about the pro. An air should work fine for Sims 3 (I'm pretty sure but I don't know the exact requirements of the game) but if you're willing to have the extra weight and pay the extra cash (with a $2000 spending limit that shouldn't be a problem) the pro is a good choice. It all depends on what exactly you think you are going to use it for. I think you'd be fine with the air, but if you don't want to take the risk just go with the pro. They are both great computers whichever one you choose.

    • Answered by Jack S from Oakland
    • May 14, 2014