Im am looking to purchase my first Mac computer which one would be good for everyday use

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    If you travel and want a laptop that could come with you you could go with Macbook pro 13" or Macbook pro 15" but i suggest you go for the later since it has more punch than the 13"

    if you want a desktop computer, you could go for An IMac, even the base-line configuration/model will be suffice your need.

    if you are hesitant but want to try out a mac, you could buy a mac mini, but you also need to buy an external monitor. this is the cheapest of all that I am suggesting. the high end don't even come close the base-line of macbook pro and IMac, So I call this the trial version of Mac.

    mobility = macbook pro 15"
    standard desktop = IMac baseline model
    Trial = Mac Mini High End Model

    • Answered by Angelo Bryan P from Las Pinas City
    • Feb 1, 2012
  • if you want portability, you should get a 13 or 15 inch macbook pro or the high end 13 inch macbook air. if you want better performance than a laptop, go for the baseline of the mac mini, which is cheap, at only $600, and it will give you more than enough for everyday use. if you have more money to spend, than you can buy a baseline of the imac, which might not be so everyday because there is a lot more power, but if you are on a budget, than get the mac mini

    • Answered by Hellollo H
    • Jun 3, 2012